Gzutek – Get The Flame [CD]

    Released in 2013, Get The Flame is an invitation into a dystopic world of schizophrenic chaos.

    With textures of rustic horn stabs, industrial guitar squeals and haunting bass lines to heart on the sleeve ballad’s with a humorous twist. Gzutek’s debut studio release is an original grunge boom-bap narrative, echoing a dystonian world of schizophrenic chaos.


    1. Get The Flame
    2. Hurt No More
    3. Whachu Want feat Leva [produced by RahjConkas
    4. Artists
    5. Rap Giants feat D’Gen
    6. Absorbed feat Madeleine Wood [produced by Methodz
    7. Language Factory feat Eppsilon, Defron, Big T
    8. 100 Bar Rant

    Each copy is signed by Gzutek.
    *Currently only available within Australia

    Price: $14.99