gzutek-portLanguage and music share a subtle dialogue with each other. The word represents our environment while the tune interprets it. Musicians mix these two together with each lyric jotted and note scored, but few have the unique relationship with song and sentence that Gzutek possesses.

Fluent in Polish and English, Gzutek is not only bilingual in his day to day life but he also speaks two languages in hip hop: the dialects of rapper and producer.

Born to a Polish speaking household in Sunbury, Gzutek was held back in grade five for English speaking issues. For a child unable to express himself without broadcasting his impairment he recognised that music didn’t require an able tongue, just an open ear.

Marginalised in the classroom, during the late 90’s the alienated Gzutek retreated into his creative outlet of scanning radio airwaves and recording sound bites from both ends of the AM & FM dials. Unbeknownst to the future emcee and beat maker, he had begun collecting samples.

His mother’s gift of a duel tape recorder meant Gzutek could transform all his accumulated sounds from numerous mixtapes into compilations. This was his initiation of arranging audio in a linear pattern. Piano lessons reverse engineered by Gzutek then lead to teaching himself guitar.

His production style later became a simple expansion of this musical coming of age. An odd ball to his peers, Gzutek embraced his minority persona and applied it to music, achieving peace by voicing his story through a conscious stream of honesty and addressing personal experiences, growth and setbacks.

Speaking English and Polish resulted in a unique eye for words and appreciation for meaning , which Gzutek adapted for his lyric writing and gave him a deeper understanding of the duality between music and language. Too familiar with the feeling of speaking unclearly, Gzutek spares his listener from losing themselves in translation as he did in his childhood.

“He’s brutally honest,” says Midnight Green Records owner Mixed by JD. “But that’s part of the appeal. There’s no front when listening to his music, which is what I feel holds back the listener from connecting with other artists. You can’t feel that facade when listening to Gzu.”

Gzutek has been perfecting his art for years as a solo artist and in collaborations. After recording his first home demo in 2002, one year on Gzutek worked with three local emcees to produce, record & mix the locally acclaimed album “Kawcayshan” and In 2007 released ‘The Showcase Mixtape’ – which achieved radio rotation and regular show slots and soon after co-founded Rawlab Entertainment with Big T and the pair released the ‘The Prima Facie Mixtape’ as 27 Politics. These notches on his belt, Gzutek set to work on his first official project.

With an ear for defined basslines, boom bap horns, wavy chords and rustic riffs, and an eye for heart on the sleeve confession with a humorous twist, one can hear in Gzutek’s music the influences of Outkast, Onyx, Eminem, Cypress Hill, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Redman and Alice Cooper.

Not simply hip hop, Gzutek calls his style a “rebellious aesthetic of infused Grunge Hip Punk Hop”.

– Written by Kieron Byatt