Along with beat licencing and custom beat creations we also offer Mixing, Mastering, Graphic and Web Design. Serving as a one stop shop for musicians and artists alike.


Mixing is the process of blending all the elements of your track to create a balanced stereo version of your song, take a listen to some examples below of work we’ve done for other artists.


Often after spending hours in the studio recording and fine tuning your mix, you’ll need a good set of objective ears to go over your final recording to get it ready for radio, streaming and if you decide to press it onto compact disc (CD), vinyl or audio cassette.

Graphic Design

Releasing a new record? You’ll need visual media to go with your single or album, this is where our Graphic Design services come into play. We like to think outside the box so it’s not only static album art covers which we do but we can create animated imagery in the which you can use on Instagram, Facebook to engage better with listeners.

Web Design

Not a service for the faint hearted. Boasting a professionally designed website can increase your reputation points as it serves as the number one place where your audience can gather information about you, your next event, your next release and news relevant to you.

Custom Beats

The service you need if you have a song in your head and are having trouble laying it down or can’t find the right beat for. We’ve made custom beats in the past for artists who originally wrote their song to a jacked beat and needed something with the same vibe but original. Other instances are creating remixed versions of your song or even finessing unfinished projects for you.