Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions, please view all questions prior to emailing us your enquiry as it may be listed here, if you can’t find an answer to your question contact us.

What are leased beats?

Producers offer ‘leased beats’ to rappers, singers and vocalists. Artists can ‘lease’ a beat which grants them a ‘non exclusive’ right to record over, release and distribute the song with their vocals over it. Different producers offer up varying terms and conditions for leases and most commonly a ‘lease’ is limited to a certain amount of streams, sales or commercial uses. A ‘leased beat’ allows the artist to profit from using the beat without infringing on the producers copyright.

What file formats do you offer?

All beats and beat trackouts (track stems) are instantly available for download as high quality WAV files.

How much are custom beats?

Pricing on custom beats varies, some of the factors are time (how long it takes to create what you are after, the length of your beat) and how intricate the beat is to develop. Email us at robert@gzutek.com.au or use our contact page to email your enquiry.

Do you offer music services?

We offer both music services (mixing & mastering) and graphic design (graphic and web design) services. To find out more or view our services page.

I’m a vlogger, how can I lease beats for my vlogs, videos and video content?

We’ve just launched, so although we don’t have any leasing options for vloggers on our site, we can still assist. please contact us with an email of your enquiry to robert@gzutek.com.au or use our contact form and we’ll be intouch.