Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. Gzutek (pronounced: Zoo Tech) has been producing music since 2002, originally working on his own projects as an emcee and offering a helping hand to friends and acquaintances who needed beats in a world where coming by original production was rare and where finding quality beats online was an art in-itself.

The first piece of hardware was his trusty MPC 1000 which Gzutek picked up quickly and began sampling records, cassettes and anything obscure from AM radio stations. As Gzu’s skills developed on the MPC, he added a Roland Juno-G to his arsenal and began adding more aspects of composition to his beats. It was a few years earlier that his mother signed him up to piano lessons, later Gzutek applied the theory and knowladge gained from piano lessons and taught himself to play the guitar.

By late 2007, Gzutek had amassed well over a million streams on the popular platform at the time known as Soundclick, it was on soundclick where he made his first official beat sale and continued in the practice of making and hustling beats.

“It was cool, I was making sales here and there, I had a million+ streams on my soundclick account and if I had stuck with who knows where I would be today as a producer, I think of it sometimes, but back then I had this yearning… I wanted to rap, to really get into rapping.”

Since his 2010 decision to transition into an MC first and producer second, Gzutek continued to make beats and produced numerous releases for himself and others later signing to local label Midnight Green and putting out two solely produced releases titled “Get The Flame” and “The Silent G Chronicles”.

It’s not till more recent times that Gzutek has returned to production with a ferocious vigour to make producing his primary creative outlet. Ten years after closing down his Soundclick account he returns to launch his new official beat store.